At Watsonia Pre-School we see ourselves as a community of learners – parents, peers, staff and the extended community working together. Side-by-side we explore our curiosity and discover our natural talents. We focus on developing our skills and growing as people. We recognise that every child will take a unique path in their learning and development journey.


To develop and provide high quality, innovative, educational programs and care, which meets the needs of children and their families, whilst building positive attitudes towards sustainable values and practice.


We believe:
1. Childhood is a unique and specific stage of the lifespan, that is different to any other age.
2. Children are individual with varied needs, interests and abilities.
3. Children are capable and competent.
4. Children are intrinsically motivated and learn at their own pace through hands-on exploration of open ended materials.
5. Children learn through play that is child initiated, directed, interest based, fun and provides opportunity for challenge.
6. Children have rights and deserve to have a voice.
7. Children are curious and spontaneous.
8. Children have strong beliefs, feelings and attachments


In regard to children, we:
1. Recognise and celebrate children’s individual development and interests, and plan experiences to support and extend their learning.
2. Provide opportunities for children to actively participate in creating their own learning through hands-on exploration of open-ended materials.
3. Allow children long periods of uninterrupted time at play, to explore and gain satisfaction from their experiences.
4. Empower children to exercise independence, contribute to the program, make choices about their day, and feel they can make a difference to the world around them.
5. Encourage and support interest and connection with the natural world and the outdoor environment.
6. Guide children to respect each other, equipment and the environment.
7. Provide opportunities for children to express themselves creatively through a range of materials.


In regard to families, we:
1. Value families input and aim for them to feel a sense of belonging and partnership with Watsonia Pre-School.
2. Recognise, respect and celebrate family diversity.
3. Welcome and appreciate family involvement.
4. Consult families regarding their child’s development and wellbeing.
5. Encourage family feedback to review centre policies, practice and philosophy.


In regard to staff, we:
1. Aim to achieve excellence in our role as educators through regular professional development.
2. Provide equitable learning opportunities and value each child’s contribution.
3. Listen to children and share in the delight of their discoveries and development.
4. Plan the environment and experiences to support children’s interests and further stimulate their learning.
5. Recognise and respect children’s individual differences and support them to develop at their own pace.
6. Aim to build mutually respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and families.
7. Protect and nurture children’s health and well being.